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 Paradise Trippies Bingo

Paradise Trippies Bingo

Paradise Trippies Bingo Party Pete awaits you to join him and his friends in this new bingo experience. Show off your skills in the Trippy Contest Bonus, try your luck in the Jimmy F'Slot Bonus, and experience paradise in the Mega Trip Bonus. For an extreme adventure, buy up to 14 extra balls to increase your chances of winning big. Come have a cold one with us and let's get Trippy!

Play now and have real fun!
Paradise Trippies Bingo

How to play Paradise Trippies Bingo

Select the number of cards, their numbers and bet. The more bingo cards played, the greater the chances of winning. You can play with 1 or up to 4 cards.

Click play, 30 bingo balls are drawn to start. Your cards will automatically have the corresponding numbers highlighted in red. There are 10 possible winning combinations per card. Each winning pattern and the corresponding current winnings are displayed above the balls drawn in the game. Complete winning patterns are marked with the respective payline on their cards. For winning patterns that are only one number away from completion, the remaining number is highlighted in yellow.
On any given card, only the highest value win is paid when a pattern is superimposed.

Extra Balls
After the regular draw, you have the option to purchase up to 14 extra balls. By clicking on 'Yes' or on a ball, you buy an extra bingo ball for the displayed cost. The cost depends on the current chances of winning. If the odds of winning increase, the cost of the next Extra Ball will also increase. If you don't want to draw any new balls, just click 'No' to end the current round and transfer the round winnings to your account. You can then start a new game.
Luck can be on your side with every Extra Ball! If you are close to winning a big prize, you can be rewarded with a Special Ball. With it, you manually select any number not yet drawn on the enabled cards!

Trippy Contest
If the lower bonus pattern is reached, the player will enter the Trippy Contest Bonus
In the first phase, the player must select one of three cards. The selected card will reveal a number representing the maximum amount of failures in the second stage
In the second step, the player must select beer glasses from the table. After selecting a glass, beer will be drunk and a win will be noted on the blackboard. If the glass breaks, a fault will be noted. Each victory increases the final prize. If you reveal all the flaws, the bonus ends. If the player reaches the maximum prize, the Mega Trip bonus will be awarded.

Jimmy F'Slot Bonus
If the highest bonus pattern is reached, the player will enter the Jimmy F'Slot bonus
Bonus is a classic slot machine with 1 line and 4 symbols. The player has up to 5 rounds to play. To trigger a win, 3 matching symbols must form a payline. There are 3 regular symbols that reward the player with cash prizes and 1 special symbol that rewards the player with the Mega Trip bonus.

Mega Trip Bonus
To enter the Mega Trip bonus, a player must win the top prize in the Trippy Contest bonus or the jackpot in the Jimmy F'Slot bonus.
Round winnings are the sum of previous bonus winnings and Mega Trip bonus winnings.
Mega Trip payouts are based on card wager.
Inside the bonus, a reel will spin and reward the player with the prize won.

Malfunction voids the play and your winnings.

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