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 Piggy Show Bingo

Piggy Show Bingo

Piggy Show Bingo Get ready to be on TV, because Piggy Show Bingo is about to begin! Play together with Piggy Porcão and win great prizes. During the bonus, dance with beautiful assistants and open folders with pearls to receive your reward. With each extra ball there is a chance to collect porkoins to trigger the Porktune Wheel and earn up to 2400x. So don't forget, Piggy Show Bingo runs every day. Come and join the show!
Piggy Show Bingo

How to play Piggy Show Bingo

Bingo with 32 balls and 4 active cards.

After the regular draw, you have the option to purchase up to 12 extra balls. By clicking on 'Yes' or on a ball, you buy an extra bingo ball for the displayed cost. The cost depends on the current chances of winning. If the odds of winning increase, the cost of the next Extra Ball will also increase. If you don't want to draw any new balls, just click 'No' to end the current round and transfer your winnings from the round to the account. You can then start a new game.

When buying an extra ball, there is a chance to reveal a Disk-Ball. When this happens, it is possible to choose any unmarked number on the cards.

Collect your winnings or go all-in to spin better roulettes!

When buying an extra ball, there is a chance to win a porkoin. Collecting 12 porkoins will complete the progress bar at the top of the screen and award the Wheel of Porktune bonus.

The progress bar is linked to the bet of the selected card. Different stake amounts will have different progress bars. All progress is reset after 7 days of inactivity.

When entering the bonus, a roulette wheel with different prizes is presented. After the spin, it is possible to end the bonus with the guaranteed prize awarded, or spin a new roulette wheel with better prizes. Each new roller has mud slices. There are 5 roulette wheels in total, and the next roulette wheel will always have bigger prizes than the previous one.

Hitting the bonus pattern, the Pigs and Pearls Bonus will start.
Inside the bonus are 9 presenters, each holding a briefcase. There will be 8 folders with prizes, 1 of which contains Piggy Pig's underwear. Choose a case and if any prize is revealed, its value will be added to the total won and it is possible to continue choosing the other cases. If the underwear is revealed, the bonus is over.

Malfunction voids all wins and plays.

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