Terms & Conditions
 1. Agreement 

When a User opens an account at realbetbingo.com, he/she automatically agrees with all the rules of the site. If a user does not agree with one or some of the rules, we advise them not to place any bets on the site. Realbetbingo.com may make changes to the rules at any time when appropriate or necessary. We advise you to constantly look at this regulation in order to be updated with the latest modifications. By registering, you authorize realbetbingo.com to provide your information to duly authorized trading partners who follow the Privacy Policy of this company, for the sole purpose of enabling the provision of services provided by these partners. bingotucuruvi.com reserves the right to modify the username selected by a user when it is considered inappropriate. 

2. Adults only 

The registration and use of realbetbingo.com is only permitted to users over the age of 18. The site may request a user's documents for proof of age. realbetbingo.com may refuse withdrawals if it is proved that the user is under 18 years old or if the user is making bets on behalf of any person under 18. The violation of this rule may lead to the cancellation of the account. 

3. Jurisdiction 

Participation in any game at realbetbingo.com will be valid only for users who comply with the local jurisdictions in their place of residence. The participation at realbetbingo.com has effect only where it’s not prohibited by local jurisdiction. 

4. System errors 

Any problem, discrepancy or conflict relative to any bet or game of the site must be communicated to Realbetbingo via e-mail: [email protected]. Any problem originated by technical limitations of the User (including but not limited to: operating system, web browser software, internet connection speed, ISP, hardware and computer software) will be user's responsibility. Realbetbingo reserves the right to consider void or invalid all bets resulting from system errors. Money generated, involved or affected in a system error can be removed from a user's account. 

5. Users considerations 

Realbetbingo has different policies in order to keep the procedures, promotions and campaigns on the site secure, reliable and transparent. A user may be rejected for a variety of reasons, including creating multiple accounts (whether originated from the same IP address or not). If a user is unable to login for reasons unrelated to the company (such as forgetting username or password), Realbetbingo will not assume responsibility, and is not obliged to solve this sort of claim. This rule applies also when a user shared the account information with third parties.

6. Account closing 

Realbetbingo.com is guided by the principle to maintain a friendly relationship will all users, but may close a user's account if necessary and without prior notice. When this is the case, deposits made and not yet bet may be returned, if appropriate. If a user wishes to close an account, an email must be sent to [email protected] containing the account holder's full name, username, address and reasons for termination. When an account is closed due to the request of the user, deposits will not be refunded. 

7. Bonus 

All bonuses received for any reason may be withdrawn as long as the “Rollover” rule is complied with. This rule states the number of times an amount must be bet on the site in order to become available for withdrawal. Each promotion has a different rollover rule that may vary between Rollover x2 and Rollover x10. Bets placed on the table games of the casino area do not count towards complying with the rollover rule. This rule applies to all versions of the following games: Baccarat, Blackjack, Poker, Casino War, Poker Mania, Texas Hold'em and Roulette. The bonuses obtained from the Invite Friends promotion can only be received one time for each user invited. Bonuses obtained from promotions cannot be withdrawn or transferred. When a user requests a withdrawal the bonuses in the account are eliminated. In order to receive bonuses the user's account information must be completely verified and updated. If information is incorrect or lacking, the user may not participate in promotional campaigns. In order to solve this situation, please contact our online support. The promotions are not cumulative and if a user is eligible for more than one promotion, the promotion offering the largest bonus will apply.

8. Financial Policies 

Realbetbingo.com has secure validation software for all financial transactions made on the site. This guarantees security measures during transactions. The site's content can be accessed freely and users may also purchase credits. In order to purchase credits the user must deposit funds in his/her account. The user must choose the preferred payment method among the available methods at Realbetbingo . One the payment is made and confirmed; the credits become immediately available in the user's account. The currency used for transactions is selected when a user registers, but may be altered in the future. All the available payment methods at Realbetbingo e are owned by third parties. All deposits may be withdrawn after the amount of the deposit has been bet at least one time on the site. If a user does not comply with this rule and requests a withdrawal, 30% of the value will be retained in order to pay processing fees. Prizes obtained may be withdrawn at any time if the rollover rule has been fulfilled. Users may not receive withdrawals in accounts owned by third parties. Withdrawals will not be paid out if there are pending payments or unconfirmed deposits. When a user decides to make a withdrawal, the payment method must be chosen. The payment is made up to four (4) business days after the request has been received and acknowledged. When requesting a withdrawal, the user must send a legible copy of any valid form of identification such as a passport, driver's license, I.D., etc, as well as a proof of residence. This is requested in order to avoid possible fraud that can negatively impact the user, the site, or both.

9. Fraud 

Realbetbingo has specific procedures to rapidly detect fraud attempts. Any kind of fraud is forbidden on the site, and the site reserves the right to request documents from any user when there is suspicion of fraud. Any proven fraud can lead to the cancellation of an account and all transactions associated to it. Credits won and withdrawals pending related to the fraud will be cancelled. Activities considered fraudulent by the site are: multiple registrations, unpaid deposits, false paid invoices, incomplete registrations or incorrect document registration.

10. Forum 

During registration the user accepts these TERMS & CONDITIONS and agrees that the use of our company’s services will be regulated by the laws of the Netherlands Antilles. Also, the user agrees that for the resolution of any disputes shall be the courts, administrative authorities and other organizations located in Netherlands Antilles. These organisms and organizations will have the exclusive jurisdiction and will constitute the forum for all disputes arising from, referring to or in connection with the use of this website.

Disputes arising from or as a result of this contract can be settled by Arbitrary Conciliation in International Arbitration Chambers, according to the signatories of the New York Convention of 1958.

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