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Game Information Viva Mexico Bingo FullHD

Viva Mexico Bingo FullHD

Viva Mexico Bingo FullHD Arriba Muchachos this is Viva México Full HD! Andale, Andale! There are 4 cards and 90 balls to be able to have fun and enjoy moments of great emotion. With this game you can win by forming countless combinations, there are 12 different prizes and 10 extra balls. Hit the perimeter special bonus piñatas and find even more prizes, there are 8 different options for you! Handpick your cards, especially those with your lucky numbers and come dance with us!
Viva Mexico Bingo FullHD

How to play Viva Mexico Bingo FullHD

Viva México Full HD is a game where you can play for fun or deposit funds. On a real trip to Mexico, with a great prize show. Just choose from 1 to 4 cards and your lucky numbers. The bingo draw has 90 balls. In any card that is open there will always be a prize pattern to be chosen, thus, the player will win the prize corresponding to it. The prize amount will be multiplied by the level of the bet placed and will be shown in the paytable. For each open card if one prize entirely covers the other, only the highest amount will be awarded. And the best, occasionally, the player will have the chance to buy up to 10 extra balls. Of course, the extra balls will help you win more prizes! That is, there are 10 extra balls and different prizes possible in a single card. According to the possibility of each player, you can further increase your chances of winning the prizes that are offered. To choose your number, just touch the desired ballot on the card. If the player presses the extra ball button or plays - in the extra ball mode - the number will be chosen automatically by the game. The speed of the draw, as well as the volume control can be easily found in the help button option. And rest assured (a) if you wish, you can include credits during the play. Just minimize your session, you will go to the Deposit area, confirm your transaction and wait for your game credits to update. Stay tuned for your deposit option. There are means that can be confirmed immediately, or wait for the compensation period. Check directly at Online Service. Keep an eye out, malfunctions can void all prizes and moves. Take your umbrella and come to the world of Viva México Full HD!

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