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Fruitverse Play among the stars with the most enchanting berries in this zero-gravity adventure! Find the Fruitnik spaceship hidden in the delicious extra fruits, up your game with Fruit Swap and shine under the moonlight with the Moontiplier! Shoot the Stars to collect prizes and show that you're not afraid to explode in Starry Boom! Join this fruit party and win juicy prizes across the universe!

Dream big and guarantee star prizes!

How to play Fruitverse

Choose a fruit to mark the cards, the other fruits will be displayed in the cells. To change the fruit used to mark the cards, between rounds, click on the 'Change Fruit' button and select your favorite fruit.
Upon entering the game, select the total bet you wish to wager on the game.
32 of your favorite fruits will be randomly marked on the cards.
There are 15 possible winning patterns per card and they are marked in yellow on the cards when reached. The bomb appears when one fruit is missing to reach a winning pattern.
On any given card, only the highest win value is paid when a pattern is overlaid.

The chosen fruit will be the one that will mark the chips. You can change this before each round.

Extra Fruits
After the normal draw, you have the option to buy up to 15 Extra Fruits: these are Extra Fruits that appear inside the ship. By clicking 'Yes, you buy an Extra Fruit at the displayed cost. The cost depends on the current chances of winning: if the chances of winning increase, the cost of the next extra fruit also increases. If you don't want to buy any more extra fruits, just click 'No' to end the current round and transfer the round winnings to your account. You can then start a new game.

Dream Big Bonus
The Shoot for the Stars bonus is triggered when the bonus pattern is reached.
Press the button to shoot the planets and reveal what's inside; it could be a prize, a total win, or a collection. The last level is a guaranteed multiplier that multiplies all your winnings during the bonus.

Starry Boom
The Starry Boom bonus is triggered when the bingo pattern is reached.
Starry Boom is a mine game type bonus where your bet per card can be multiplied up to 9000x. At any time, you can collect your multiplier and leave the bonus with your current payout. If you find a dynamite, you lose your multiplier, but you still win the bingo prize.

The Fruitnik is a special resource that can grant you a special bomb, the Fruit Swap resource, or a Moontiplier.

Special Bomb
Luck can be on your side with every Extra Fruit! If you're close to winning a big prize, you can be rewarded with a Special Bomb: with it, you manually select any bomb from the cards!

Fruit Exchange
The Fruit Swap feature randomly picks one of the available fruits and turns the fatty one into your favorite fruit one by one from left to right and top to bottom.

The Moontiplier can randomly appear in Fruitnik and multiply your total bet by 150x, 200x or 300x.

The malfunction voids all payouts and plays.

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