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The Vikings have always been able to make the biggest payouts. Join them!
His mission along with the Nordic people is to conquer lands to accumulate many riches.
But be careful, it is possible that you have competitors on the high seas.
You must have a good aim to take the stolen treasure.

How to play Vikings

The user decides how many cards he wants to play in the next game.
You can close the boxes you want with the "X", but there must always be at least 1 carton open.
To start the game, it is an indispensable condition to have enough credits to cover the selected bet and press PLAY.
Each card shows the amount wagered to have that card open, but at the time a prize is won, the indicator is changed and the amount of prize we receive with that card is displayed.
Once a prize has been awarded that contains another prize, the latter is discarded and only the value of the former is earned. At the end of the game, the machine will indicate to the player, the value received, the final prize won.
At the beginning of each game the PLAY button becomes STOP, this allows the player to stop the falling balls and to be able to observe the current situation of the game with peace of mind.
Once the fall is interrupted, the button says CONTINUE, that if pressed by the player, the balls will resume.
The player can change the numbers of the card by pressing them.
This will cause the carton to display randomly selected different numbers.
The player has a mechanism to start the game automatically called AUTO, whose objective is to only start a game while the previous one is finished.

Extra balls

Pressing the button displays a menu so that we can select how many automatic games we want to make and if we want all the extra balls to be bought.
Depending on the shapes that form on the cards, players will receive the prizes according to the winning plan.
Once all the balls are thrown for this game, if the player has the possibility to win a PYRAMID or higher figure, you will have the possibility to buy EXTRA BALLS.
The player can buy the desired balls (maximum 12). In the center of the drum, the cost of each ball will be shown, which will be dynamic depending on the probability of the prize and the gain.
In addition, the AUTO and PLAY buttons become EXTRA NO and EXTRA IF, respectively.
Sometimes a BALL JOKER, or BALL COMODIN, is going to come out, this ball allows the user to choose what number of the card he wants to appear.


Once the game has ended (including the purchase of Extra Balls) if the player has obtained a value that in the profit plan indicates "BONUS", he will have access to a BONUS. The player will have the option

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