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 Underwater Riches Bonus

Underwater Riches Bonus

Underwater Riches Bonus

It turns out that there’s a whole different world deep in the sea waiting to get discovered. Underwater Riches is an online slot game made by FBM that takes players on a journey like that. In Underwater Riches, players will notice visuals in striking colors and rich details, interesting animations on the reels and a blurred background where you can see plants at the bottom of the sea.

Underwater Riches Bonus

How to play Underwater Riches Bonus

Choose from 1 to 20 Cards, choose your lucky numbers. Initially 90 balls will be drawn.

For each open card, if one prize fully covers another, only the largest one is awarded.
If you get the Bingo prize within the main draw (the first 30 balls) the Progressive Jackpot will be awarded!

Extra Balls

Occasionally, you may have the chance to purchase up to 10 extra balls. Extra balls increase the chances of winning extra prizes!
When a Progressive Jackpot is awarded, the option to buy Extra Balls will not be presented on that play. Sometimes extra balls can be free.

Magic ball
Randomly, a Magic Ball may appear, allowing the player to choose any number of cards and the corresponding ball will be drawn.
To choose the number, you must tap the desired cell on the card.
If you press the play button (or the extra ball button when in extra ball mode), a number will be chosen automatically by the game.


To access the bonus, you must beat the Bonus pattern.
Inside the bonus scene, open the chest to collect amazing treasures!
You can access up to three different levels in the bonus, just find the chest with the lucky charm to level up to enter the next level!
The value of each gemstone prize is multiplied by the stake level and shown in the prize table.
The total won is the sum of all prizes won in each play. This amount will be added in credits to the balance.

The malfunction nullifies prize rolls.

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